Since 1927
Palumbo's Meat Market has been family owned and operated for over 92 years.
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Wide Variety
We offer a wide variety of cuts of different meats to choose from.
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Package Deals
We also offer package deals!
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Check out the finest cut of USA born and raised beef in the area.


We offer the most fantastic cuts of pork.


Conviently packaged fresh chicken.


We have any meat or cheese to please.


Check out the finest cut of beef in the area.


We offer the most fantastic cuts of pork.


Come see the poultry meat.


We have any meat to satisfy your hunger.

Born and Raised in the USA

Meat cut fresh multiple times a day, offering the freshest and widest variety cuts in the area.

About Palumbo's Meat Market

Born in 1902, Dominic Palumbo, the founder of Palumbo’s Meat Market became an immigrant from Italy as a child. He started out working in the coal mines of the Penfield area. Teaching himself the butchering trade in his own backyard after falling ill from the mining environment, Dominic soon earned a reputation in the DuBois area as the local butcher. In 1927, Dominic opened the doors at 343 West Long Ave., in DuBois for Business….

Sales this week

prices good 12/03/2023 - 12/09/2023

now taking orders for Palumbo’s own Christmas heavenly hams!! Call and order early!!

12#-18# whole semi boneless, 8#-10# boneless, 5#-10# semi boneless half, 2#-3# boneless mini hams

all hams are no water added cured in natural juices.


all beef and pork born and raised in the USA

Fresh supply of Amish made pepper in sauce, pepper rings, mustard, pickled beets.

Palumbo’s hickory smoked hillbilly bacon try it you will love it  $3.99lb

50/50 pork trim to mix with venison $1.19lb

72% lean pork trim for venison $1.49lb

Fresh 80% lean ground beef 10# or more bulk pack $3.29lb

Fresh 73% lean ground beef 10# or more bulk bags $2.99lb

Lean meaty pork baby back ribs $2.99lb

Meaty pork spare ribs $1.99lb

Boneless center cut boneless pork loins $1.89lb or cut $1.99lb

Lean boneless rolled beef rump roasts $5.19lb

Tender boneless beef top round steaks $5.99lb

USDA 12#-14# Whole boneless strip loin $4.99lb cut free

Prime rib for Christmas whole $8.99lb  partial $9.99lb add $1.00lb to season

Juicy boneless chuck roasts $5.99lb

98% lean beef stewing meat $5.59lb

Juicy porterhouse steaks $8.99lb

Tender T-Bone steaks $7.99lb  

6# box all meat hot dogs 46 per box $21.99

Store sliced deli honey ham $4.99lb

Store sliced Echrich Farms jumbo bologna $3.59lb 

Fresh kolbassi made daily $3.99lb

Offering 6 different steak and variety gift boxes!!  Something for everyone to fill freezer please call to order!!!

Palumbo’s home made sauerkraut now available!!!

Come on down to PaLUMBo'S Meats of dubois!

All of our meats are fresh, born and raised in the USA! We offer a wide variety of cuts for our meats all done in house. We also accept EBT Food Stamps!

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